All the benefits of our co-working space

No hidden expenses (all prices listed excluding VAT)
Air-conditioned space
A free nespresso or tea each day
32-inch diagonal IPS SCREEN with 2k resolution
The most comfortable working space in the city (backs, palms, legs…)
Fast and secure internet
Access to common space and kitchen
Professional office cleaning
Superb location in the heart of the city
Personal key storage cassette
12-hour weekdays on weekdays and 10-hour Saturdays
Extra serving drinks and / or ordering food
Printing Services (Color or Normal)
Scanning services
Takeaway services
Courier services
Answering the phone on behalf of the client and forwarding the call (option to assign a special phone number)
Receive, sort and send mail and send email
Other administrative and professional services (taxes, accounting, powers of attorney, personnel, etc.)
Other outsource services as agreed (eg invoicing, payment, etc.)
Seat registration (virtual office)
Possibility of showering
Creating "ALL IN ONE" packages in accordance with your needs

Frequently Asked

What is ALL IN ONE business concept?

ALL IN ONE represents one stop shop for all kinds of administrative tasks including office space. We provide possibility for total support regarding taxes, accounts, payroll, preparation of invoices, bank payments, registered address, answering telephone calls, receipt and sending of mail by post, preparation of all internal acts required by the regulations. Avoid coordination fatigue between accountants, banks, tax advisors, going to various authorities to obtain documentation, and preparation of internal accounts and documents. Simply forget all these administrative tasks that you would outsource to us for a fixed monthly fee and focus on increasing your profit.

Can I rent office space for one day only?

Yes of course. See our indicative offer and contact us. Prices may vary depending on the vacancy available. We are aways flexible and willing to strike a deal. Our prices per day decrease each following day. Except for renting work space, we also offer office rentals which could be occupied by 4 to 10 work desks.

Where can I park?

Near our offices you will find parking near Politika building, Town Assembly Hall and Obilicev Venac (all within 2 minutes walking distance)

What services do you provide?

Look out our offer, but it is not inclusive. Our principle is particularly towards IT experts and experts who work on a computer and charge per hour. If you are able to earn a decent hourly rate on a computer, why would you waste any time and money on anything else? We could also provide you with other services. Contact us to strike a deal.

What is coworking?

Coworking is common work space in which you lease its part or parts for completion of office business tasks. In it you also receive full technical support with the possibility of added services. It is common to make acquaintance with colleague from similar industry and potentially increase your network and partnerships

Are these costs fixed or are there any additional charges?

We are totally flexible and willing to strike a deal with you. It should be noted that our coworking prices include all standard services provided at no additional costs. Depending on your needs for printing, binding, courier, accounting, tax or any other services we offer, the prices are always negotiated individually.

Do you provide services individually or only in ALL IN ONE bundle only?

We provide other services individually as well, such as accounting, payroll, tax advisory and other administrative support. However, the most common and therefore individually cheaper is ALL IN ONE bundle.

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