IT Solutions

Our team of IT experts develops software for services that facilitate complicated calculations or monitoring projects aimed at increasing your free time, which you can devote to maximizing and expanding business.

Our IT solutions include:

  • IFRS 16 “Leases". Mandatory application from 1 January 2019. All legal entities are obliged to apply IFRS 16 in accounting. This standard is not yet translated in Serbia, but we expect it to be very soon. Currently, this calculation is required by all companies operating in Serbia who submit their consolidation packages in accordance with IFRS to HQ. We are proud of our solution, which is in accordance with all EU guidelines including relevant encryptions and GDPR. Simply, enter the basic parameters from the relevant lease contracts and you will obtain repayment schedules, movement tables for the preparation of notes to the financial  statements and all other necessary information for the bookkeeping and proper audit trail for verification by the auditors. For this IT solution we have created a special web site
  • IAS 19 "Employee Benefits". In an easy and simple way, simply enter required data and you will obtain the overview and the movement of long-term benefits arising from the Jubilee awards or Severance payments at  retirement (as prescribed by Serbian laws or valid Collective Labor Agreement) and all in accordance with the requirements of this accounting standards.

  • Collaborative software for project tracking in accordance with SCRUM methodologies. Rubicon Project Management Solution is a collaborative project management system with support for SCRUM methodology. It offers a unique solution that covers several key aspects of project management: organizing tasks and monitoring their implementation at different stages, recording time spent per task / project, managing human resources, analyzing progress and noticing project weaknesses. This software solution helps managers prioritize project activities and timely identify project downtime. Rubicon PM Solution designed for use by individuals as well as teams, since I offer the ability to network communication between team members. Functionalities based on the exchange of information help to improve efficiency, productivity and teamwork, as well as to reduce the administrative costs of the company. This software solution is offered in several editions: individually, one team support, or multiple teams support. Another important feature of Rubicon PM Solution is that it supports decision making by executives and management of team work. In addition to monitoring the progress of project development, executives are given the ability to generate reports according to arbitrary parameters. Rubicon PM Solution's various business profile organizations offer assistance in financially evaluating the task / project. The benefits of this platform are its flexibility and intuitive user interface, which is based on customizable graphical and tabular views for task monitoring, including a wide range of parameters for analysis.
IT Solutions